Living in Sarasota gives you access to all the best shopping and dining.

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   Ours is a general information site - a resource/handbook of possibilities for life in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice area.  In order to ensure accuracy of information, we've provided links to websites managed (in most

   cases) by the owners/managers/vendors of the service listed.  We do not endorse the business/services/resources listed nor do we vouch for the accuracy of the information provided on their sites.  We encourage

you to follow up with phone calls and additional research to confirm the information listed in the links we have provided.

Morton's Gourmet Market, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in sarasota, www.SandNRealEstate.com

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What's' your pleasure?

​Quiet and intimate - or crowded and active? 

Shopping and dining experiences abound,

from one end of the continuum to the other. 

Shop and then dine nearby.  Shop in an ultra modern indoor mall or a small one-of-a-kind boutique downtown.  Dine in the country,

on the beach, in uniquely local places or

national chains.  Which ones best reflect 

your Sarasota lifestyle?

Perq Coffee Bar, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, www.SandNRealEstate.com

  Living in Sarasota . . . and beyond

Keffie's EcoChic Boutique, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in Sarasota, www.SandNRealEstate.com
Cock & Bull Pub, craft beer, beer garden, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in Sarasota, www.SandNRealEstate.com
Spanish Point Restaurant & Tiki Bar, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, www.SandNRealEstate.com
Anna Maria City Pier, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in Sarasota, www.SandNRealEstate.com

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