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   Ours is a general information site - a resource/handbook of possibilities for life in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice area.  In order to ensure accuracy of information, we've provided links to websites managed (in most

   cases) by the owners/managers/vendors of the service listed.  We do not endorse the business/services/resources listed nor do we vouch for the accuracy of the information provided on their sites.  We encourage

you to follow up with phone calls and additional research to confirm the information listed in the links we have provided.


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​​Planning a day of fun - or perhaps a staycation?  

It's easy when you're living in Sarasota.  From boating and fishing to zip lines and circus to festivals and golf to ice skating and biking, you

can find just about anything in the Sarasota

area.  All you have to do is let your curiosity

and imagination take you away!  We've just scratched the surface here, so let us know

what else you find!

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