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  Living in Sarasota . . . and beyond

   Ours is a general information site - a resource/handbook of possibilities for life in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice area.  In order to ensure accuracy of information, we've provided links to websites managed (in most

   cases) by the owners/managers/vendors of the service listed.  We do not endorse the business/services/resources listed nor do we vouch for the accuracy of the information provided on their sites.  We encourage

you to follow up with phone calls and additional research to confirm the information listed in the links we have provided.


​​​​​So many things to do in Sarasota . . .

and so many opportunities to get involved

in our communities.  Find ways to:

 ​             *Shop local


             *Stay informed

​             *Give back

​             *Raise funds for others

​             *Make a unique contribution

​We can't wait to hear how you become part of

our community and the Sarasota lifestyle! 

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Got a green thumb?  Interested in growing your own vegetables, but don't have the available space at home?  A community garden is a great way  to share the responsibility and reap the benefit of combined resources.​​

Culverhouse Community Garden, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in Sarasota,
Friendship Centers, volunteer in Sarasota, #livinginsarasota, @livinginsrq, #bestbeaches, live and play in Sarasota,


Like the idea of buying locally sourced foods?  Nothing better than getting it straight off the farm - either at one of our numerous farmers markets in the area or at the farm itself.  Each of the items listed below is an active link to more information about each farm or market.